It's Shasha

Birth name Shashank SN, a 23-year-old designer turned unplanned entrepreneur from Dindigul, India. A Proud Rotarian. Also, I'm a lifelong Man United & Warriors fan and so, I hate City, Liverpool & Cavaliers for obvious reasons. You can see what I do Now! & my Behance.

My Story

I started as a Freelance Graphic Designer, making fan sports posters. During this creative process, I found out that building brands were getting me more excited. I learnt branding and marketing to help me feed my passion. But my love for sports & minimalism did not allow me to put my head just into brand consulting. So whenever I get free time, I make posters that make me happy.


Now I help build brands and I'm and I am kind of the most outspoken introvert on planet Tatooine. I like making new connections, so if you have a spare second drop me an email.


I'm quite fond of sharing my experience regarding business, minimalism & other stuff. So I blabber about it whenever I get on stage and on The Brew Your Market Podcast every Friday! You can share it with your friends on your socials, but don't try to find me there, because I'm not on any of the platforms.

So, in the immortal words of Master Yoda "Stay for some soup you must."